Industrial Gulag Virology Farming Cooperatives

Union, really. Hartford Springfield mostly. Here I won’t divert into Spanish history as it remains a research topic. Yet, the USA annexed more than Cuba in 1898.

Guam and the Philippines led to Tonkin in ‘64 after the Great Leap Forward began to kill an eventual 45,000,000 people circa 1958 in the heart of China. US actions in Vietnam failed to stop Mao. Magnusen Stevens pertains to the South China Sea and Tonkin.

It’s infrastructural. One could say “Justin Morrill’s War” started building a Levitical grid and the next century a KGB CCP cooperative built the gulag Petri dishes that bred COVID19.

Comparative civil engineering in model housing, transportation, industry and agronomy. Is this all proximal civil purposing or Leviticus 11 (Tanakh precedent)

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