Mad for Hawks in Vortices.

Returning now to my Shakespearean electromagnetic and aqueous Vortices Scholium: Mad north by northwest I know a hawk from a handsaw and have quantified such as eyas amidst this trembling knowledge. Forces, like ghosts; shepherds to migratory skeins, as declination bends my compass off Polaris; hidden in the radiance and crystal blue. Seas and weather systems twist, hemispherically, counter-clockwise, clockwise, altitudinally and across elevations, while dead in doldrums… heating, pulling systems inward. Gyres twist the deep. Stellar armillary predictions from Grecian sculptures fail to describe the vortices or scholium origins amidst this our reality, it being not exactly zodiac orbital nor rectangular coordinates applied. And, here, devices, airborne, see the cornfields respire.

AEsculapius with Guacamole Pestle

Walking here, observing these forces, both as and amidst biometric rhythms, and, awaiting yours in presence mine; this place and places we will travel bring me to a precipice from which to peer upon the earth, air and sea. For decades I have with forces served traveling through the darkened valley. Soon, love, come joining me in what is and is to be.

It is not easy waiting. Often, scenarios unravel my plans: constructs which I’ve established to achieve your accompaniment. Yet inspiration is you to me. And, thus, I continue to dream in hopes that you might have me.

Welcome to Hartford, Connecticut. I hope you are here soon.

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