Armillary Henge Reconnoiterer

Attention armillary henge builders:
Winter solstice beckons on December 21, 2020 as Capricorn rises.

A henge marks sunrise and sunset on solstices and equinoxes. An armillary sphere models the tracks of the zodiac constellations across the heavens. Both are optimally pertinent to a specific geophysical point. Requisite for construction of an armillary henge at such a point, then, is thence through the year and thus therefore reviewed annually heretofore two reckonings on each of four here Gregorian days. A dead reckoning from the center point of the henge is therefore from that fixed location of the fix determined as being suitable for years of observations. Thus, therefore thence may there be a specific place for such as Newtonian Vortice Scholiums.

Sir Isaac Newton

And, thus, also the dead reckoning of relative rise and set headings, inclinations and arcs from this said fix applicable to ages are advisable at sunrise and sunset upon this solstice day and thence similarly twice upon vernal equinox and summer solstice each, and, also therefore twice upon the autumnal equinox. (see: Hippocrates Also, rise, set and arc of lunar orbit if possible. Aspects armillary, such as Polaris, Bear, Leo, Libra, Orion, Scorpio, etcetera; at the point of said dead reckoning, might also have headings and inclinations recorded in accordance with their arcs proximal to the dead reconnoiter point. I might add that henge and armillary design seem sculptural and organic to me. Yes, geological and metallurgical yet silvicultural and arboreal. I see botanicals like ivy, and it all becomes as a warren for a lagomorph, with ungulates and fowl.

Of Vortices and thus their pertaining Scholiums

Of course blessings be when this the object of perfection appears within these vortices unto me; as demonstrably heavenly.

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