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Studying descriptions of heaven and a specific heavenly body perchance hath necessitated thus: Conjugate diameters, or radiuses, pertaining to the vectors towards orbits of said heavenly body and it’s ellipse; if possible in the fashion of an armillary sphere; while being proximal to each other in a henge:

Ideation from Newton’s natural philosophy Book One: here amidst our geocentric vortex (relatively speaking not heliocentric) It should be said that in [11] days, on the December 21 2020 winter solstice, and a month since Saint Cecilia’s day (Roman Missal p.1999); that the rise of Capricorn and the beginning of winter could, during observation, be marked accordingly as an east southeasterly vector from set, at sunrise, with arc of elipse described in armillary style, to the then west southwest vector towards any latitudinal deviation from here cardinal East then West. (remember: “lat is flat”)

A specific dead reckoned fix then becomes a henge marker and point along this vector to the distant fix at the sun at sunset, from a set point at the center of a postulated henge, which when it also has a longitude noted according to Greenwich mean and is directed at the sunrise and subsequent sunset: should thus be marked and recorded, from the set, specifying the aforementioned vectors; for any comprehension of a henge.

The Conjugation of fix points along multiple vectors might then occur due to marking them from set to fix at sun with marks between at the radius of the henge. The sun can next be marked at the equinoxes and the summer solstice as well?

Note: The grammar above is complicated in the interest of synoptic brevity. Please excuse my algebraic grammar and formulaic syntax.

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