Adieu Confederal Yankee

The Morrill Federal Confederal debate on matrimony and love in our United States’s Department of Education policy structure precedent continues to confound me.

I hold deep respect for people who choose love. I had tried to do so in what I hadn’t then known was the weakness of youth. Then, injured, I suffered and wandered for decades. It has been the federation, however, which has given me liberty.

Metaphorically, one might speak of heterogeneous or homogenized croplands withstanding failure and blight and any resultant regional famine. Morrill’s integrated scalar network paradigm of our federal systems has proven superior to autonomous subsistence, as intended, perhaps specifically now in light of comparable global paradigms and their biometric failures.

So, now upon a pivotal instant in my life I look back at the places I’ve been from, and I do so with heart and gratitude. And, in comparison to my youthful paradigms; I here say that I believe in our federal government more and more now. And, by some indescribable power of ascendency I have now been smitten.

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