Capricious Bovidae Migrator

Tonight, under Ursa Major Bear; Coyote has met with me in the frigid darkness. Leo, perhaps, has declinated west northwest. This Canid latrans yelps and barks, yet doesn’t howl. In Western MA and Southern VT, – BOVIDAE MIGRATOR SINCLAIR – took the incapricious dairy bovids to WI and the fiber ungulata bovids went to Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont before moving them on to CO/WY and New Zealand… All of this happened when prominent botanical fibers ceased to be available at Lowell and Biddeford. Leather made the dirty water… and contemporaneously, RELOCATOR rustled OK bovidae to rail with the unpommeled lariat which took the bovids to the High Line in Manhattan for slaughter. For a strip, the MARASCHINO TRIBESMAN took metals and their technologies and moved them East with the lode hauling cable car repurposed to carry New England children to mountain tops as though ore

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