Dead Tree in the Window

Here in Connecticut, the dead tree in the window speaks of yonder attacks. Whilst the emerald ash borer has invaded similarly to other insects and funguses, few invasive possess the aptitude for devouring eastern deciduous forest, and, much less frequently are these types of super pests, amongst countless invasive failures which never gain substantive footholds, found to infest regions with their alimentary tracts stuffed with other species: viral species.

Lyme and Rabies virus both travel within the guts of Animalia; both insects and mammals. Hematological ticks and all species of mammals are vector host sequences for rabies, which effectively will make mammalian victims die while hydrophobically dehydrating as though on a peyote trip; in the woods or at the hospital. Cook your venison well if imbibing wild northeastern blood is acceptable to you. The Lyme disease spirochete causes severe and prolonged aches and pains, and, after decades of the impossibility of purging it from neurological system; psychosis.

Never mind stories about the Plum Island Chupacabra which also escaped from the New York Island’s DHS CDC laboratory. And, further, classical conditioning of entomological social insect species experiments in ultraviolet apiary scenarios is merely a concept presently. Mendelian traits of social dispersal in mind.

Yet, in mentioning science beyond the traditional scope of science; I wonder if the tree outside my window is dead due to what I know and fear. It would be possible on site to use a bark spud to strip bark off this and other local trees. Doug Moore at Moore’s sawmill has a spud. Then further if the Emerald Ash Borer has been devouring vascular cambium, it’s ravenous tracks would statistically tend to exist on a dispersed harvest/salvage data set of 16’ or so logs. Yet even if felling a half a dozen American Ash trees in Bloomfield yielded no such evidence, and in stead vernal inundation two years ago led to the die off: the USFS says the Ash Borer is destroying America’s prized major league baseball bat source ash trees. Now consider Lyme:

In the northeastern deciduous forest, multiple entomological and fungal invasions have established themselves on this continent. There seems need to utilize the aforementioned statistical method to assess the forest mensuration of the northeast for not only known Plantae and Animalia, yet also for invasive fungal and viral presences; whether in some postulated entomological symbiosis or not.

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