Under Inclined Northern Star.

Starlight tonight with our now approaching December chill of 2020. The perpetual constancy of Polaris, amidst the magnetic flux of declination purportedly only mad north by northwest and here relative to the said celestial beacon to travelers seems to me to be miraculously steady if yet this solstice Capricorn is here to rise into our cold; as the warrior Orion arcs spectrally across this northern hemisphere’s southern horizon. Yet, this perpetual opposition to tropical tilt be not the said arc of Orion, though he wander, yet rather specifically thus it’s said rigidity, axial, under star, tilting of tropics pondered hence: under this inclined northern star; these vectors from the proximal sun, altered though that star stay true? So, position fixed upon the globe, how, relative to this eternal Polaris, could a contradictory swing of the tropical climes occur? One point north and tropical shift? How? Further, thence to yield unto the sun causation for the seasonal flux of thermal and hydrological forces which dry the autumn ground at rut and later inundate any vernal wetlands with the warming of the ice and snow. And, to quantify that flux, said, which thus must melt the chill midst heat and cold from proximal sun? A difficult question. Recall: a constant Polaris. And, again, the simultaneous equatorial shift? (When the wind blows South, I know a hawk from a handsaw) So, with winter chill upon me and energy of heat in mind, I ponder my fortune under the ever constancy and flux dynamics of the swirling heavens and think of my extraordinary luck, wondering does the constellation of such a goddess as I now envision, perhaps akin to Libra now above, lift my humors, steady my pulse, arriving as promised to fill this land with lore, accompany me, and save my soul. I can not avoid these thoughts of forces in the heavens. I land my boots upon this shore in wonder and awe awaiting her accordingly. Impacting upon me force of light and gravity, celestial being, starry night.

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