Wildernesses of Science

I’m feeling abandoned and lonely today during this 2020 viral epidemic. I was wondering if anyone from the FDR era is still alive and in an iron lung from polio. My brain disorder has made me primarily bedridden for much of the 22 years since the blessing of my psychiatric diagnosis led to this psychiatric, neurological and psychological prescription for alleviating all but the cause of my melancholy. However, I landscaped today.

Nearly exactly a century ago; our last influenza was in 1918 at the time of the Armistice. Medicine can be difficult to understand across the spatial and temporal aspects of biometric mensuration. Within my morphological paradigms I’m now often confronted by ideas like the thought of Yale and Harvard’s Dr. Marc Plotkin’s “Amazonian psychotic climbing beetle disease” in a comparative context with Plum Island DHS National Laboratory and it’s Lyme Disease host/vector virological zoonoses psychosis scenario; as well as Pasteur’s earlier canid zoonotic virology vaccine research in France. I think “Mad Dog” and “Rabies” with “Vampire Bat Hematology”. I rest, yet am restless and thirsty. I have nightmares about bizarre statistical externalities and the entomological aspects of zoonotic dispersals: potential airborne entomological vector species such as murder hornets and their potential to carry zoonotic viral species within their flying exoskeletons.

Yet, the presence of ecoli in my Levitical meat science research only exemplifies statistical improbability as though in scenarios like escherium coli there might be a second ailment of zoonotic potential known to the USDA. Somehow, evasive, food borne, yet, entomologically prokaryotic, also unknown to public health at UConn and Yale. And, I’ve followed Bayer Monsanto’s attempts to unite. Universal Healthcare… so lonely… so divided. Leviticus to bat.

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