DNA In Human and Evolutionary Time

“Recapitulation Epochs”

The following is mythical abstraction followed by several questions related to temporal aspects of the evolutionary genetic morphology of interconnected symbiotic and competing species; progressing through a speciation time period and having a corresponding aspect within their DNA. This essay is an attempt to isolate an idea and to postulate the possibility of definition of speciation as being visible as a time of biometric divergence which both occurred and which was also mapped in the genetic code of the pertaining species(‘) specific DNA. Then, questions arise regarding common, inter species “epochal” strand segments which transfer or facilitate the transfer of zoonoses.

Tree of Life

Animalia: Re: novel zoonoses

ArchAEopteryx: H5N1, COVID19 evolutionary connection. SnakeBird flu (novel to sapiens)

AEsculapius: Dr. father of AEgle, his staff: Caduceus with serpent brood and wings.

DAEdalus, Pioneer of flight.

Icarus: Man of faith.


Re: Recapitulation:

Are the “phylogenetic histories” of the recent evolutionary viral sequences some type of “archaeopteryx/Hominidaes sapiens” DNA sequence unity point pathogen? (common genetically to Hominid, ornithological and herpetological sequence similarities and relative to a singular definitive phylogenetic origin)

Is the virology from China an ontogenetic stem sequence… at the recapitulation point of fetal similarity between say where eukaryotic life becomes Animalia or/through to vertebrates and to a post vertebrae locale prior to the Mammalia / Aves divergence (?)

Do DNA sequences have linear beginnings and ends?

Do synthesized proteins form in a similar temporally linear way relative to linear temporality within a strand of DNA/RNA? (Do proteins grow in co-linear form relative to a linear aspect of a RNA sequence?

Does evolutionary time possess linear congruence to the recapitulation aspect of individual and collective life’s progression and genetic evolution; with a common strand sequences at the base which then has extinctions and speciation breaks; in a branching evolutionary trajectory/spread/dispersal of life?

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