B24, Tin Can.


The technologically superior Luftwaffe was defeated by the USAAF due to phenomenon outside of Western Europe. It might be said in retrospect that coal liquification patents traded to Germany prior to WWII inadvertently distracted German command into believing that the Atlantic theater was the Appalachian mountains versus the Ruhr and Saarland.

Vanderbilt and Rockefeller

However, by the approximate time of liquid bio-carboniferous fuels depletions in Pennsylvania in particular, Texas had become the source of liquids and derivatives such as aviation fuels.


Yet, by a phenomenon of FDR’s presidency, Semitic politics and their pertinence to the Middle East; Zionism and Wahhabism took form.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Regarding the B-24 and USAAF air superiority in Western Europe; Wahhabism became foundational for the House of Saud as an anthropocentric version of Islam legitimizing the conquest of nature for natural resources exploitation.


Texas crude still can be said to have won WWII with Wahhabi Saud held in reserve and being of diplomatic potential through the subsequent development of the Marshall plan and its foundations of Cold War civil paradigms.


Osama, the 27th son of the Laden Sultanate harem, took issue with the fracture of Arabia into Wahhabi from Suni Islam in service of the USA, and desired a unified pan-Islamic state instead of the three versions of Islam (Wahhabism, Suni and Shi’a).

George W. Bush

Oilfield construction activity undertaken by entities such as Halliburton and Laden has pertained to the WWII B-24 defeat of Nazi Germany as well as to the model housing and other civil paradigms of the competing US, Soviet, and Sino methodologies.

Returning; a reemergence of the original WWII chemical technology of coal liquification is at issue considering the fuels chemistries inflexibilities of an estimated 98% of all global vehicles, vessels and craft. Terminal depletion of geological substrate formations of liquid organic carboniferous fossil fuels looms within decades.

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