Biblical Virology

Compare and contrast the Tanakh: Leviticus 11 with Fenby’s Modern China; Chapter 21 “Famine and Retreat”.

Zoonoses being the issue of today, Germany’s Marx, whose theory propagated along the quiet of the eastern front, might be responsible for perhaps 100,000,000 Russian and Chinese deaths all tolled, compared to approximately 7 million Jews whom Hitler murdered.

Infrastructural realities of latter twentieth century North America and Eurasia differ. Model housing, industrial and agronomical civil design and systems differ perhaps primarily due to FDR’s establishment of Wahhabi Saud as source point for liquid fossil carboniferous fuels in terms of the possible, and according to that century’s debate over public versus private domain in theoretical terms. Infrastructure possibilities. Infrastructure theories.

Simply: The systematic failure of communitarian collectivization and its pertaining civil and theoretical communist reality has been exacerbated by a non Levitical food supply paradigm that has caused the petri dish agriculture collectives to generate most notably the H5N1 virology and now the global plague of COVID.

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