Eurasian Swamp

The troubling thing isn’t exactly the philosophical difference between Bolshevik or Trotskyist ideology or the justification for CIA efforts to split the eastward Soviet-Sino migration of ideations and infrastructure. The problem is that America won’t, doesn’t or can’t realize the poison of archetypal sexual perversion in it’s theoretical class conflict context. Nor can any entity publicly stand against perversion as it seeps from that fundamental theoretical premise of the red century. The problem is that the USA has fallen left and won’t stand for multiracial and multiethnic decency and honor. America is busy dragging down holy matrimony between a man and a woman and the biotic reality of the faith based sacrosanct act of bringing children into the world and raising them in a biometric world in progression towards heaven. The politics of this great nation are now besieged by socialist methodology which confounds our own great message of Christian diversity and inclusion. Is holy matrimony illegal in the USA?

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