Megalomaniacal Ethos

Anyway, my schizoaffective mood disorder brings on my iPhone WordPress megalomania sometimes. As you might expect, my scything word wields a power to reap the bounty of my dominion above, upon and within the earth and its seven seas. My impending Lenten gravitas upon this winter solstice day is always more unfathomable than upon previous notable risings of the sun. Today, my capricious sign similarly begins to rise amidst its stellar confine beneath the southern horizon, and proceeds into the duplicitous nature of my natural conflicts while I consider the perils of an impasse in certain decisions amidst our finite earthen resources’ depletions and a burgeoning global populace of hungering souls.

Through the Screen…

Yet, usually, however, I am pretty cool and wish a beautiful woman would take me for slow and easy hand holding nature walks so that I might demonstrate my ability to explain Linnael Latin taxonomic biometrics in their geological and limnological contexts. These are a debatably recapitulatory sequential perpetuation of all life within its humanistic taxonomic descriptions of structured evolution. Those descriptors then are: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. And, the term organic comes to mind for most of the scenery of our stroll which surrounding our earthly presence is of substance other than that compromised of rock or sky. I, simply, you can imagine, want to stroll along discussing the nature and composition of life. I need to walk and explain to some potential wife who has openly agreed to be courted; that the ecosphere is a thin layer above miles of geological horizon leading to molten iron and that we stand beneath a nitrogenous blue refraction which from beneath the pure sunlight is seen to hide the infinity of heaven. And that heaven, after all, is the concern as we stand, as though shepherds, upon this earth.


Having here waited thus far, I have now taken to saying we are within an age of oil which itself is within an epoch of Christ. There seems apocalyptical upheaval as bio carboniferous fuels near depletion. Also, by some limitrophe of Pentateuchal truths the levitical prescription of Moses for agronomy did not reach Asia. There, sequential genomic anomalies have risen into zoonoses and spread over the earth in premonition of the seven last plagues, and of the final days.

I have grown weak and defeated by this vision of an earth beyond my control. I want to take a walk with my wife. I only have the strength for courtship now.

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