Quarantined 2020

Since Czolgostz, Influenza and Germany it’s been roughly a century. Reality says that Chinese collectivization sans Levitical foods is both a different paradigm with different infrastructure and yet also that it’s the new world order’s point of origin for invasive species from mollusks and insects to viruses. Add the fact that these systems and their connectedness are fueled with bio carboniferous fuels derived from some primarily geospecific regional aspects of the geopolitical scene. Yes, bugs, algae and specieating virological zoonoses genomics flows out of Asia on ships and containers, yet, wildlife biology is an earth day hike to most.


My question is about whether it is best for science to remain formulaic and alphanumeric. Compartmentalized. Have the nonlevitical peoples beyond Christendom inoculated themselves inadvertently or is COVID tearing apart the dense collective lives of Eurasian housing blocks? At times I feel no one realizes the limitrophes of our perspectives regarding our educations and vantages of the world. I am reduced to dead reckoning and postulations of what might aerosolize or exist as some residual film within the microscopic realms of moth swarms escaping from shipments of Christmas chestnuts*. Island Biogeography Theory speaks of vector transfer across spatial limitrophes of temporally defined geospatial place. Yet, while we could speak of dermal or membrane transgression, what are the limitrophes of biomes and continents, or buildings and organismic populations within a world of infinite transportation logistics?

Thinking longer term: what will we see of the two great competing infrastructural theories after organic fossil fuels are fully displaced and diluted into atmospheric solute? It may be that the final sustainability of the world will be an anthropocentric genesis of new and often man made biomes; Great Plains cultivation systems, population centers with medical capacity and turbine manufacturing, a fiscal theory dissemination island, old Europe, and the Great Leap Forward’s blast into this here future of manufacturing collectivism. Yes, perhaps, there are ideations of wilderness amidst our burgeoning human civil biometrics. Yet, can we at least begin to see membranes and route vessels defining and connecting something like organelles within a body of the human constructed earth?

A living planet is defined how? And for what purpose? Arising is some still fictional civilization of trillions of sapients on multiple planets perhaps. Today and now, however, I remind you all to think increasingly of our collective viability as this age of bio carboniferous locomotion and transported species and genomics strengthens upon finite and known definitive pockets of the organic residue of ancient sunlight. Some life force from the sun photosynthesizes into our physical selves. We will need to keep these systematics alive as we build our interconnected megalopolises.

*I once bought about $50 worth of purportedly viable flower seeds from half a dozen different supplier origin points and none of the wildflowers, wisteria, or Boston ivy grew, making me wonder about irradiation of organic material in freight systems.

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