I believe that the blitzkrieg of a Slavic Gaul variable was a westward front which became impermanent to a slower roll into all of Eurasia. It is as though German intelligence, across about 40 years, misjudged the war’s comparative fuels supplies in the Atlantic theater. Then; retreated for 75 years.


Here, this theoretical expansion of the spatial and temporal aspects -of this entity variable- appear pertinent because Marxist theory then proceeded to surpass the CIA to the north of the CIA’s Afghani Central Asian hypolimnion; flowing red through Siberia and being then the KGB intelligence factor which metamorphosized into the Sino CCP in the rear of it’s comrade: Zen Japan.

With certain definitive aspects being like Frankish and Gaulish limitrophes across time; the perimeters of this aforementioned Slavic Gaulish variable, turning east into the Sinovian territory, certainly took hold after the Marshall plan. The borderland of German theory psych ops proceeded to march its intelligence, within the red pamphlet, clear across Eurasia to the Sea of Japan; killing perhaps as many as 200,000,000 souls in the gulags and during the Great Leap Forward. This intelligence migration had occurred for the most part by the time of US involvement in Vietnam.

Blitzkrieg is also contemporaneous to a migratory Zionist exodus demographic, apparently along some parallel with Wahhabi redefinition of Islam in anthropocentric terms that facilitated bio carboniferous fuels extraction policies.

Europe and the Mid East?

Talibani pan-Islamic ideations opposed to the Wahhabi Saud state which fueled the USAAF’s defeat of the Luftwaffe’s fuels basis in Ruhr extraction for liquification seem disconnected from the KGB; yet, Afghanistan is certainly a hypolimnion to the Red Seas now converging through CPEC.

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