Compass Rosette.

In Process

Here, an automotive primer grey spray paint prepped canvass demonstrates my hypothesized process as it begins. My index card sketch studies of my subject ideation have led to my postulation that speedball superblack ink and then palette knived oils will be my intended methodology for proceeding here and painting a compass rosette abstraction. I am truly a terrible painter, partly due to my disability. Thus, in theory, I consider my method a reverse of Picasso’s cubist school, in pursuit of essential form emerging from an ethereal abyss; not resultant of reductionist methodology proceeding from the initial form towards the essential forms. My canvass will perhaps be illustrative of my thoughts regarding the idea of a scientific emergence of magnetic declination relative to Polaris. To see the unseen via empirical evidence is a component of the scientific method. For me it is the story not only of Picasso but also of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the ghost discussing madness appearing to be North by Northwest, as is the case with geomagnetic declination off Polaris.

Automotive Primer on Canvass

My second step on this New Year’s Day 2021 is the initial application of ink to the spray painted canvass.

Initial Superblack Ink
Compass Rosette in Superblack Ink
Initial Oils

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