I’m undeniably some kind of monk. In a psychotropic prison where I can’t explain what I know. This example is my rail spike cross. Some aspect of traversing this North American continent is archetypal for me; hewing available species, and, I’ve read, creosote can be made via the methanol fermentation of detritus. Or, that similarly hewn timbers were steam bent into the futtock guts of ships before Hampton Roads and the Great White Fleet.

I have difficulty explaining my perspectives on natural resources and lost technologies pertaining to real or metaphorical mill migration in the exploited forests contemporaneous to a particular joist hangar, cellulosic element, or ferrous fastener. I tend to believe that I am within a long since cartographically determined consumer population center, with limitrophes made of monetary policy and media’s purported truths. We seem removed from a fantastical world of mile wide steam turbine scythes and rail ports moving the bulk industrial tinkerings of the Pacific rim labor collectivization region, refrigerated Chilean flowers, and occasionally fungal and viral stowaways, which seep through the transportation sector and into my population zone.

Perhaps this age of anthropocentric control of both the living and the dead bio carboniferous matter atop and within the earth’s crust, it’s mechanized harvest and terraformational extraction, and our structured mobility upon the face of the earth, has been of permanent and lasting benefit to humanity. There seems amidst the great constructs of humanity to be a bulwark of sorts; foundational to the continued and enhanced viability of sapiens.

I believe that such prior fact as regionalized famine and strife have been nearly entirely remedied, and that this has occurred primarily by the leadership of the American federalist model established by the Union legislation of 1862. Still, for this author two or three primary problems persist:

1) With the fall of the confederal premise of Richmond; there is nothing no basis for anything other than federal level power with the possible exception of the retail distribution of globally obtained goods.

2) The finite bio carboniferous fuels basis for the entirety of this construct is rapidly being depleted.

3) Eastern Europe and Asia have built a different paradigm opposite the Brandenburg Gate and though the force of its application led to far greater humanitarian disaster; it’s legacy may be future and continued hazmat toxicity and biohazards such as COVID19 which can not be remedied nor undone, and from which no hermeticism can seal these United States.

Agronomy seems the greatest basis of Public Health. The likes of soy foods may sustain the world’s largest populations for decades and more. Yet, comparatively, vegetarian and non levitical omnivorous global population regions may breed malnourishment or zoonoses in the long term within the ancient sacrosanct bovid protein avoidance culture or half century petri collectivization experimental paradigm which was built opposing the fuels dependent western thesis of model society.

Our National limitrophes need to be considered. The common misperception regarding zone to zone limits is that genetic traits other than zoonotic examples are the determining factor, yet, in reality, relative to system load bearing capacity, the issue is far more frequently akin to fecal tonnage per second within urban infrastructure.

Energy in, Substance in, Work done, Critical mass sustained, Growth achieved, Waste generated, Recycling of matter when possible, Toxicity remediated, contained or externalized.

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