Self and soul become my philosophical object as I begin a newly approved antipsychotic medication called Caplyta tomorrow.

Amidst a theory of theologically shepherded sociopolitical biometrics and terraformed finite bio carboniferous residual sunlight biomass energy; I see a fracturing ecosphere releasing plagues upon colonized biomes as it is simultaneously absorbing displaced matter and toxins. This is real as the competing implemented infrastructural paradigms of the twentieth century reap their consequences.

Caplyta will be an interesting experiment for me as well as for my physicians. Variables regarding my current and previous thought process and mental capacities relative to both my ailments and their cures abound. My persistent dream has become that I might find the delusions at onset to be facilitated somehow into a coherency and capacity whereby I might unify my theories into an articulable thesis capable of suggesting a genesis of worldly dominion sufficient for the remediation of this past century’s applied world order’s ailments; as a new paradigm of globalism undeniably arrives.

Personally, I seem to expand and contract in my . ideations, though my fear of oblivion has abated. I wonder how quickly I might fade into the ethereal mist of the schism, or if the applied impedance of this new potion might leave me tapping at this plasma transponder Morse key view screen for decades.

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