There is a Mason Dixon line. There is a Frontier. There are Northern and Southern borders. There are coasts, and there is airspace. There is altitude and there is depth on land and at sea. There are grids, networks, transfer protocols, roads, rails, ports, lines, webs and populations. These are the legal, economic, electrical and geospatial presences and limitrophes defining the entirety of US history. These are concepts that map places, parameters, their bisections and landmarks and are the concentrations and interfaces between fluid ameboid scatter plot depictions defining the cartography which reddens, or concentrates to blue, zonally, and is connected by the micro spindles of matter transfer systematics.

Zone Theory

The vast majority of the citizenry sees these boundaries and their corresponding legality zones as being strictly populist. Even if the logistics of rail and super roads facilitate viable sustenance within the condensed centers of habitation and further that the sustained viability of the population is not subject to populist dissent. And, further, much agronomical basis for this public health construct is, within the finite ecosphere, dependent upon further linkages of life, nutrient, hydrological and photon flow.

So, the populace, and certainly the adherents of communitarian populist theory; are inhabited within these, the limitrophes of a theoretical failure, collapse or privateer confiscation of lands definitive of foundational debates regarding a citizenry with popular birthright to property. The 1862 homestead act’s scalar grid distribution of its self sufficiency paradigm, upon the North American expanse, never came to be actualized. Then, in the wake of the moldboard and oxen ideology forsaken and sold by Bonaparte; a subsequent bio carboniferous fuels facilitated condensing and dispersal duplicity paradigm, consisting of some space time grid and network of humans and materiel, has occurred across the United States of America.

A great power has thence built a pyramidal structural model society for humanity within threats of a desertifying and abandoned wasteland. External to the hominid storage facility infrastructure; only the mile wide steam turbine scythes roam the perimeters of the anthropocentric web enhanced sapiens confinement infrastructure.

The opposing paradigm, east of Brandenburg and to the Sea of Japan, murdered perhaps 100,000,000 souls in efforts to collectivize its ancient masses into agronomical and industrial group facilities ruled by a proletariat Trotskyist ideation. That stated utopian definition is antithetical to any intelligence leadership which would could have had any capacity capable of regulating the chemical and biological jigsaw puzzle of the true post industrial revolution scientific reality.

Unregulated agronomical and industrial HazMat and invasive species threatening food and forest products, and including current zoonotic virological pathogen species now have their own aforementioned cartographic ameboid forms and limitrophes. While dispersal of biologicals typified by entomophily, ornimophily and anemophily are real threats and potentially very problematic to health and economics, they serve as a metaphorical component to understanding island biogeography, species dispersal, and variations in viability of speciations upon dispersal to habitable niches such as proximal mammalian populations.

In conclusion; living variables and populations of those variables, are relative to qualities of place, viability, reproduction, dispersal and sustainability. Also, time is a variable factor. Human population migration has accelerated over time, especially with methodical improvement in transportation sector realities. Comparatively, viral species migration is dependent upon a phylogenetically compatible host species. Yet, the lifecycle of the viral species makes the statistical probability of a viable and sustained speciation more rapid. As all limitrophes of a grand definition of organismic and habitat typification are transcended more and more quickly, an entropic quality of fracture in all life’s biometrics has become a threat.

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