African Extrapolation

African Rail… North, South… East, West…

February 14 ends the year of the Rat and begins the year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac.

I think China wants to make an agronomical and natural resources focused move into Djibouti as soon as the China Pakistani Economic Corridor (CPEC) reaches the Indian Ocean’s warm waters. The Chinese are moving south in a prolonged push through Indochina, circumnavigating Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent. Also, China is the primary player in the CPEC project pushing southwest through the Himalaya and Persian desert; and, the corridor’s roads and pipelines may not be for accessing merely the finite proven reserves of Tigris and Euphrates substrate.

China to the Indian Ocean

It should be said that Afghanistan’s confusing past half century or so of political science lends some notable credence to the complexities of a Talibani Pan-Islamic theorem. Anti Wahhabi history yields both the ironic potential populist consent to an amalgamated Middle East world economic forum and yet also may exacerbate the perils of global marketplace access to substrate reserves of bio carboniferous fuels stock. That’s to say that given the potential of apocalypse, it should be that carboniferous energy be applied to existing sector demand, whereas the optimistic consumer demand of potential powers seems disconnected from a benevolent overseer of finite bio carboniferous fuels and organic polymer “wise use” scenarios.

Supplies, Transportation, Consumers.

I believe that any substantive long term Indo-Sino cooperation moving westward may focus in part at least on liberating their populations from an increasing dependence, based nonetheless upon their preferences, upon the sustaining yolk of US dry bulk foodstuffs supplies. Achievement of their planned obtainment of irrigatable and cultivable lands may occur in sub Saharan Africa given any realities to infrastructural future achievements in roads, pipelines and irrigation networks.

The verdant future of an arable Serengeti at the expense of biometric integrity for wildlife is a concern for some. Causally, it is historically notable that the south central and north central agricultural lands of Russia and China respectively have been problematically inadequate regarding the communist nations’ objectives of sustaining populist superpower. Crossing the Serengeti while building an irrigation rail network to Nigeria and it’s oil is a logical postulation regarding where the current southwestward momentum of the dragon, and tiger; in search of food and energy, may currently be directed.

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