Eukaryotes Begin

Prokaryotic ingestion or Eukayota? This sculptural painting is a taxonomic fantasy; like an ontogenetic specimen of a phylogenetic moment in the recapitulation trajectory of a mass of genetic material commanding a cell. Was the blue nucleus ingested, injected, or created? Will it find symbiosis, divide and multiply, sexually reproduce, or evolve? Virologically we see a command center which has arrived somehow. I know what I paint after it’s painted. I call it inverted cubism.

I believe the oxide of chromium paint suggests chlorophyll, yet, why didn’t I make the yarn and glue membrane walls square and apparently rigid like some cellulosic structural component of an organism within Kingdom Plantae. It would, after all, be fairly simple to apply this study’s deduction of premise to the creation depicting parenchyma; so much more advanced than the moment of the first eukaryote. However, it may be better these days to devolve from Eukaryota into the soup of stuff which existed before such complicated organisms as we see here in this painting.


My absent minded methods in my studio lead me to postulate that a proper sculpture shop would require the likes of chisel mortiser, compound mitering saw, table saw and band saw; a MiG, TiG and an Acetylene torch. Due to illness, however, I fear I might cut, burn or electrocute myself. Thus, oil painting is my medium. Yet, I invite competent and safety conscious persons to consider building their, or my, ideations.

Glue, yarn, paint.

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