Center of Self and Soul.

Functions of efficacy seem to be a new clarity and calm centered aspect while I now feel I am beneath some additional burden causal of my being physiologically slowed somehow. At onset of this aspect of my prescription I felt a threadbare and frazzled feeling which has now abated for a weight the likes of some heavy Franciscan tunic apparition; like a shadow or fog. Additionally, a question of my vision presents as I keep what I read at a greater distance now.

Dry mouth also has had its onset. And, I, I am somehow reminded of the western concept of heart and mind in comparison to Japanese Chi and Egyptian Ka; all being theological ideations of the center of self or soul within the body.

Certain cultures or aspects of cultures have always believed that the seat of the self or soul is variably to be found in mind, heart, beneath the navel, in the testes, and even in the balls of the feet.

This metaphor pertains to my case, and I have mentioned it, not in consideration of Egyptology and the likes, yet rather in consideration of my intonations and oration. The specific physiology here is that I have noticed that now and perhaps previous to Caplyta that my speech and breathing at times emanate from my diaphragm, whilst at other times I speak from my chest or from higher in my lungs, as though a whisper. I feel that my vocalizations and increased dry mouth have been alterations of my condition somehow and that my posture and presentation of ideations through breathing and speech are now different throughout my pulmonary and upper alimentary systems. This includes a persistent slight tardative diskinesia in my lips, tongue and jaw perhaps.

Further, it seems that I have noticed variability in my perception of time. In weeks and months prior to Caplyta I noticed that my vantage from being nearly bedridden was perhaps metaphorically defined, in it’s relative context, by myself as though in moments I could witness the sunrise in the eastern window and after what seemed a brief time turn and view the sunset in the west. Yet, now I seem to notice my presence in my chamber or throughout the house and grounds as though the same phenomenon of stasis were occurring similarly and yet that the timeframe of a long day is now such that I experience additional depth of awareness between the matutinal and vespertine hours. This is not definitive, as I have frequently done much throughout my days. I here merely state that in my first few days of Caplyta I can, from the experience, hypothesize that I am feeling a greater sense of centered place; especially proximal to my heart and mind. My metaphor of SCUBA saturation and gaseous mixtures seems once again pertinent beneath my aforementioned apparitional fog and mist tunic. Peering forth, from this place, in centered clarity; I am more present within the weight of this my stasis.

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