UMass Amherst.

University for me was endless information yet no money for beer or pizza like everyone else seemed to be there for. I’d been mind maimed by a US Navy veteran at Clemson and then my undergraduate advisors there had sent me from biology to the Christian wilderness of wildlife and fisheries biology. Trapped in thought now through the 27 years of my being a disabled American, I want nothing more than to believe in the middle class of bachelors degree savants, and yet I can not do so. It seems wrong to qualify for life via ample funding for beer, pizza, and frivolous sex upon, at times, dorm mate absences. And, with universities being devoid of sober courtship opportunities sans the malicious and deceptive rape cult practitioners of fraternal and athletic organizations, it is no surprise that the biology of matrimonial childhood structure: the family, is under attack.

Further, my progression from life sciences to cotton and loblolly was met upon my transfer to UMass with only its antithesis of ecophile laissez faire avoidance of such things as careers. Thus, after perhaps seven semesters of mortal university civil war contentiousness regarding the likes of disputes in regards to the term creek versus the term stream; I fatefully conceded to these bark typifying savants in belief that I could graduate with life ahead of me in perhaps another year. I had considered the revolutionary leap to computer science and business and yet bureaucracy amidst the lack of competent doctors of trees had made it appear that the specified credit total for graduation would be nearer in accordance with my passage of the pigeon dissection ornithology requirement.

So, what of the environment and its vast unclassified and unquantified biometrics? In summary for this essay; it seems some unseeing and uncaring populace now gorges itself upon any substance which economic theory defines as being available. Contemporaneous to this feast of gluttony; a meek and near silenced voice from the the depths of the proverbial wilderness now cries. Observations made and documented are confronted by their improbability of cohesion, lack of scientific temporalities, and frequent impermanence; all whilst this geospatial ideation of the finite nature of the earth is so often being ignored for its increased validity now in some grand reality yet heard.

Suffice to say: the disputed world of “science” is here it seems now comprised of two minds. Economic theory presents its infinite theorem of capital accrual amidst newly acquired expanses generative of renewable and sequentially exploitable finite resources and the markets of populaces. Yet, economic theory does not like the term “finite” as applied to commodities, and, even citing physical goods and their component natural resources has become taboo in a world of infinite bitcoin.

There are new biometric theories now of how humanity might be viable for even more than another half a century; for our exponentially exploding global population currently numbered at over seven billion souls. We believe in all of humanity and not in the removal of particular sequences of our stated common evolution. Though this author frequently laments the regional omissions of such as a self educated elsewhere; it may be the USA’s federalist regionalized purposing of the states which will play the greatest role in saving humanity. There is for example no other Great Plains than in the heart of America. And, though fuels chemistries specificities for this grand systems agronomical and transport machine are the crux of conflict related to the aforementioned finite nature of earthen resources; the best and only hope for humankind must be nutrition and it’s distribution.

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