Population Mind Limitrophes

Intellects vary and our mantra of universal humanity seems offended by this. Yet, the intent here is not to theorize precisely on any particular individual’s inherent competencies. Rather, I just wanted to exemplify that one of my personal pathologies was always my sentiment that everyone inherently knew all that I know. Yet, individual people are the product, often, primarily of their particular circumstances, because minds are not socially as conscious as individuals are of their own existence.


During such sequences of life where I have been within my own particular parameters inside variable contexts, it always seemed to me that I was perpetually on the stand to utter a prescribed mantra belief structure definition set of the current place where I stood, and thus to perpetually present it’s particular paradigm. I never built an adequate defense perimeter for my own competence amidst my admitted incompetences; even given the realities of my mind’s non-instantaneous transmissibility of it’s entirety in the moment of the demanded mantra. In fact, it was only when I had gained my federal defense against economic theory’s totalitarianism that I felt any cloistered security relative to the demands of these mantra seekers effectively policing the variable locales of my life regarding differing prevailing theory.

As way of a comparative geospatial example; I doubt many people know the meaning of my Franciscan Tao cross decade rosary, though I feel they should. I very much would like to explain the map and it’s limitrophes at Anglo and Gaulish borders and within the holy land, which I see upon looking at the cross.

I mean to allude also to that it is during these days where it is increasingly evident that functions of biometrics, faith, politics and language are always geospatial concerns defined by time and proximal valuation of themselves, their defined place in space, and of what exists within or need be obtained or externalized by said systems. And, that these space time functions of systems or zones of place and theory also have their variably permeable borders, perimeters, limitrophes and ports.

To find the security within a known and practiced zonal system’s requisite behavioral paradigm, at an aspect of such, and thus to achieve it’s currency of viability, seems the penultimate definition of life’s object. Finding stasis within the theories, laws, requirements and customs of place puts a requisite demand upon finding definitions of ones own place, within the system as defined, and upon achieving comprehension of it’s particular parameters of there and thence a securable existence.

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