Union Under Federation

I don’t know if modern Unionists are Confederal in their dissent towards the USA or Federal and simply outranked by higher Federalists who know leftist Unionist populations are primarily held in “Morrill Act 1862” urban suburban population zone/regions. This, while the Civil War’s strategic objective of regionalizing the Federation on the National scale instead of at the State level for the achievement of such objectives as public health and national defense seems unknown to the left. The example seems to be that there is a persistent discrepancy between food and medicine. Concern related to the populace, from the Republic and the more stable Senate, addresses megalopolis states as being equal to the sustaining giants producing foddered meat for their consumption. In fact all states get an equal two votes in the US Senate. Meanwhile, in the populist House and “on the left”; healthcare presides and the electorate tends to dismiss such things as bulk grain rail and grain storage infrastructure legislation as the population has unlimited access to cheeseburgers for $1. There is no starvation, malnourishment, nor earlier predominance of vitamin deficiency diseases.

Pacific Rail, Morrill and Homestead Acts of 1862

The question I have is “how can the the people demand medicine for free as they deny and berate the agronomy sustaining them?” More precisely, in the abstraction of the politics above us, what force stipulated the division of food and medicine in American public health?

Further, how is it; 1) people love the Doctor so much that they reason he or she need not be compensated. 2) The consumptive megalopolises deny, disparage and downright hate the farm and forest lobby as the nation maintains an average BMI over 15%. And, 3) the activist left fails to see themselves as “populist faction” or to perceive the probabilities of angry free consumerism ever imploding amidst shortages along with capitalism itself and being destroyed as the world population reaches 10 billion souls upon an earth of finite natural resources.?

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