Natural Resources

Resource scarcity has gone global. While incapacitated people might have once been burned at the stake or guillotined for talking like a lord when they should have been a participant amidst the popular majority of farm laborers; agronomy has mostly transformed into a provider of liberty from such tasks as hoeing and threshing.

Today, rather than it being that the absence of one’s daily toil converts into a threat of starvation for a Connecticut neighborhood; the world in stead now faces issues such as providing USA soy foods to India and US/Canadian wheat ramen noodles and rice to China. With current global populations between 7 and 8 billion people and exponentially rising, one can perhaps take educated, statistically mathematical guesses at the number of dry bulk and container ships departing now and into the future from US ports bound for the Pacific Rim; full of Soy, Wheat, Corn, and Rice from the USA.

Further, most Americans think of commuting to work or the shopping center, instead of such things as seaborne dry bulk fuel oil scarcity. This, whenever petrochemical scarcity realities and resultant conflict scenarios are overcome by the din of not wanting to fight for fuels, a desire to save the environment, and a benevolent wish to allow CPEC to proceed through Persia.

So how then, now and at least for thirty more years, do trillions of servings of tofu soybeans and ramen noodle wheat in raw bulk form from the USA, get to tables in India and China?

It is interesting that the thirty years timeframe may correspond with an ETA at terminal depletion of the fuels requisite for US agriculture to feed the world. It seems now to be an old story that one monopolist tried to personally own the bulk of these fuels, and that another anti-Wahhabist Saudi oil family son tried to reunite South and North Arabia under pure Suni Islam while simultaneously drawing Persian Shi’a Islam into a great purifying Gihad… all by attacking the USA.

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