Vortex Abode

I feel present in a stability within this my hypolimnion realm. And, I, I, here not specifically submerged to any thermodynamic depth ‘neath achievable altitudes; remain specified by insular factors of my stasis as it is being maintained contemporaneously to my liberty from place. Quarantined I can take note only of grand archetypes; tectonic in culture and science as they beckon from beyond the limitrophes of my dead reckoning’s crawl through space time; and that thus I must in this cloister hide from lesser ideations; heeding only such as therefore are exemplary of some demonstrable tidal flux of societal humors en mass… occurring upon and within the vital sheathing of this rock and that here are driven by the gravitas of this: mine vortex abode’s realities perceived, which, observing, within and through which do I exist.

Enigmatic Archetype

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