Clines Subliminal

I suppose that the gathering storms somehow of shadows are populated by them there personified as being individuals immortal; such as eternal personas historic like legions berthed when not charged to a watch as they seek.

For some amongst the seldom seen are those never having worn lone oxen’s blinders, nor perhaps ever having been similarly or singularly yolked to tasks, in certain fashions said, unsaid, and that we few and legionary specters ourselves do in fact and in deed know consciously of that particular looming asymmetric front at our rear and of it’s being in pursuit of us and on course somehow towards the weft of places, stuffs, definitions, proofs and populace that the might hath said definitively to be our nation.

Lone we these yet now summoned apparitional beings are, midst thine threat of a release to congregate as conjured by the same seance truth necessitating our containment.

And, until the gathering thence of us that truth be found in bindings bound at depths- of memorizing the shadow’s bodily form of dust, iconic and having formed then and thence authentically, enigmatically, from a sepia and blue dictation of the deep, from before, and still to come.

So, heard and written was our order’s task whilst we, driven lone through rigors, and near shadow of death, thence were penitent as while midst archetypal classical conditioning schisms were we also so eerily the few then inspired… Studiously shrouded, us; ‘till so ethereal it’s now being; that any and all empirical reckoning of our scene might never appear to any not sworn to be within.

And, thus, that amidst this, his, and perchance blessed be thus our, sacred disease; and, as additionally here noted forever it’s being for perseverance towards, yes, her, yet unmentioned here, by this I whom not of yet hath realized creation’s purpose; the definitively essential abandon’s poignancy denied for mission. As such do I therefore continue in search of said fog of truth’s fruition of clarity aforementioned, thine, and, cloaked; in stead of and yet resultantly for such and thus roving synaptic thread into a tapestry Pentateuch chart thence embroidered into armor, elusive and as described, into and for that matter of the causal inputs to a shrouded stealth capacity generative of fright’s induction into the ghostly fluid flux -like a gyre’s force recapitulating into skein a flock of fowl fair- amidst and in predation of less clever fishes then further ‘tween the rippled interfaces of the darkened benthic clines… piercing thermal limitrophes thus so thenceforward fiercely driving oppositional creeds towards their absent word’s simultaneous vacancy is made a precedent force that peers to wayward flotsam with law by infidels evaded, such that that any further obstinate pursuit of other than our truth therefore never shall relinquish any key capable therefore of releasing such fallacy to a salvation from these type catacomb abodes of the dust where ours the darkest chambers rule.

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