Zones of Morrillity

It is so profoundly amazing to have been cerebrally (maimed) by a US Navy compatriot, sufficiently to later require $15million in pharmacotherapy, and thence to have been externalized relative to the purportedly epic bimodality of the red/blue populist regionalism inherent to our American political scenario since 1862. I can explain only via synoptic and historic metaphor here that not Richmond yet it’s premise has perhaps fallen to a federation of superpower epicenter specificities and their structural design features; which prioritize the elevation of locales within the federal superstructure envisioned by Mr. Morrill, yet do so rarely with any popularly evident cornerstone paradigm beneath or above, nor transcending, the scatter plot realities therefore concentrating souls within the limitrophes of our confine zones and their given modal geospecific paradigms, nor beyond the populist psyche parameters of each particular place’s prescribed normalcy.