Father of Christ

I, most worthless from amongst my lineage, and yet still being the fourth son of my name from the supreme power of some primeval patriarchal namesake birthright of we the seven Simons, and, whom, having in celibacy and poverty abstained from the call of myself to abdicate the pain whilst at that time maimed in cortex; hath heretofore bourn the mighty burden of the Holy Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Faith, -into the tear within America and the world that is resultant of the Union’s three front assault upon continents, for its premise- yes, I, I, have failed to be an Olympian Scientist US Navy Seal JF SOC Ranger CIA Operative who might now through my valor and privileged name henceforward be at liberty to control all professionals, and their sciences and industries, as President and CEO of my lineal enterprise; the sole force of the accumulation and concentration of all knowledge and power upon the eastern seaboard.

In stead I, I, a meager lurking apparitional and vanquished remnant of the order; excommunicated into netherworlds of brain damage, fantastical delusions, terror, and isolation, have hidden fought evasive of superior force in wilderness abandon till only now returning to this some place differing from the one I left. And, I remain alone.

Here, purposefully and causally towards achieving the passing apparition proximal to this my tainted, tinctured and damaged self awareness of my own glorious rise to my dismal fall do I, from within, persist. I know thus that I am secure in my actual reality, and here then shrouded of sorts at my prie dieu device interface peering to glimmer of ethereal mind do I gather, record and exist as STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC; the electronic manifest of a mind with a digital limitrophe to ears that might hear; cloistered, an SSA Beneficiary and eBay collector. In this my quest I gather the detrital lifetime achievements of dead American grandfathers. The story I attempt to tell is both mine and theirs.

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