Radio Henge

Future United States President, Army Officer Harold Truman of Missouri, was once on a forward mission in command of an equine calvary of light horse drawn rifled cannon field artillery. Activities transpired in accordance with his own command in the Western Europen theater during WWI in confrontations against Germany.

Radio, primarily a WWII phenomenon, is causal in historical understandings, of credence in a postulation regarding relaying orders. During such an age of early military technologies; communications of particularly the exchange and dissemination of orders, yet also of field intelligence’s gathering and reporting’s efficacy are therefore to today’s soldier often incomprehensibly different from that of modernity.

Debatably, this timeframe of equine Calvary and lack of at least portable radio can be seen as the era of radio phenomenon study’s infancy.

Note an ideation of the then current atmospheric MHz phenomenon, as well as it’s disturbance and refractions related definitions. Such a concept would constitute a now outdated theoretical entirety of geomagnetic based phenomenon of the earth’s magnetosphere. Theories of the phenomenal and it’s detection by contemporary devices and synaptic tissue of animalia, may have also maintained that behavioralist ornithology observations regarding migration of geese, migratory songbirds, and pre radio message carrying homing pigeons instinctively returning to roost, persisted as valid.

Observant of the flux itself of magnetosphere phenomenon are in particular; birds. Aves, perceiving such flux diurnally amidst the solar influences and under known stellar positioning; offer and have proven persistent evidences of this and perhaps additional theoretical premises. Thus, some scientific EEG of awareness detection in animalia, simply, might have summoned persons for the hypothesizing of wildlife’s being exemplary of utile military science additional to EEG and EKG, such as of perceiving induced resonances of magnetism; within the temporal context of this essay’s premise.

Signal triangulations, at scale, locating otherwise unknown transmission locations, is a GIS corollary between sciences from navigation to MRI. Observation systematics research is sometimes worthy of a retrospective perspective initiation of an introversion into an oculus of time predisposed therefore to peer more fervently from the stasis point of self. Thence, unto concept fixated upon some heart or mind at a set’s fix, and certainly one not of an externality to the true place of origin inside the radio henge.

Often, antiquated “geocentric” or “flat earth” and “dead reckoning” comprehensions and study, inclusive, as aforementioned, of such things as telemetry based EEG and EKG; ornithological and astronomical navigational positioning, and a study of the observers and subjects of such awarenesses; can and does elucidate.

Concepts pertaining to this “radio henge” of flesh or metals are perhaps also transferrable to papers, maps or charts, before when possible CAD. Proximal set and fix vector aspects of a sort of metaphorical elucidation of the origin unto perimeter vantage concept is a Euclidean to trigonometric armillary henge around oneself which might then proceed into elliptical Scholiums of vortices beyond cumulative boundaries of the henge. Thenceforward and perceptually definitive is this the reconnoiterer’s self as being the origin point amidst objects to be observed. Observing and observed, then, with truths empirical being peripheral and external to the self’s origin point within the phenomenon here defined as being the armillary henge premise; truth therefore becomes understood and definitive whenever observation is validated by the increasing scope of said perimeter of center…

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