Sleep and Waking Midst

Where is an intellectual woman (30-44) desiring her own chamber, askance mine, wherefore occasionally united; and thence where she is always here with me? And hugs, I dream of, she the might… unto our cuddling persistence be this apprehension mine where the pending slurry gush for the rhythm is to her ovum cycle. Yet, perhaps, with this said embrace, temporal, and it matched to tidal chance; then such being therefore in lieu of or maybe absent certain apparatus a sustenance to her as I wait; till closer at fortnight we perchance in vespertine time thence do proceed to the less mundane hour amidst these my tedious scholium realizations.

Might she have her own money, or care for my impoverishment, and not despair overly in regard to my intellectualism except to pledge to visit me occasionally; when I am relocated to the Institute of Living by police, so secret and clandestine? Certainly I assert these my cerebrations over the proletariat homogenization mantras and their desired frivolities in stead of the alluded theory’s work. And, I ponder such: the federated morrillity’s troops of places and their scripted purposes, exclusive paradigm to paradigm, transcending o’er which, I leer.

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