Myth supersedes

I am a true patriot; unfortunately maimed and now partially hospitalized for life due to the deleterious mischief of a navy veteran; prior to my own service.

I pray that my compatriots might accept my faith and intent as being other than the mantras of my community and region and herein federal above all else.

The paradigm modality, or bi-modality, must be defended. Yet, perhaps it is that the populaces of the modes are sacrosanct as most precious flocks of purportedly maligned faithful.

Externalities to either mode, however, often constitute points within the paradigmatic flux that are trapped at oppositional points of bicameral definition, and therefore in marginalized aspects of the overall prescription: for at least a somewhat harmonious argument.

Unity and federalization of pastoralist confederation then becomes the requisite quality of participatory achievement for any jurisdictional hierarchy to achieve just federal action.

Yet, when the bi-modality is skewed to the vital senatorial or populist representational statistical modal truth; what then occurs when the bodies of governance must be transcended by the office of the presidency?

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