I find trigonometric calculators superfluous and there doesn’t seem to be any trig app for iPhone or Mac that does much. I’ve never found so much as Texas Instruments software for phone, tablet or computer either. My Mac is nearly worthless except for pages, storing pictures, and this software that allows me to publish essays and photographs.

I hope to spline together various hardwood plywood boxes. I hope to succeed with one having three compartments; for trash, recyclables and redeemables. Silicone sprayed interior, Blum cabinetry hinges for a top lid, and, I suppose I could somehow laminate it with about 3/4” or 1” ship lapped hardwood that I could affix with countersunk drywall screws that I’d bung peg and cut flush. The router and guide might make an inlay possible with a darker wood. No trigonometry. Plywood box.

A hinged lid with glass on a similar box would make a highest quality garden cold frame system.

I’m giving some additional thought to the lid. I suppose a plywood face frame atop the pertaining 1.75” or 2” width will be fabricated from the same 1” laminate stock lumber. I’ll need to consider the swing of the hinges relative to a laminate and plywood lid because I intend for the lid sides to extend down over the box sides by 2” or more if possible. Oversizing the lid additionally in a cantilever fashion over the rear of the hinge settings is also a possibility.

I’m concerned about the vertical component’s aspect posterior to the hinge setting in the box’s vertical interior. That is to say that when the hinges are set into the face/top frame, they need to pivot and simultaneously allow the downward moulding lid side aspect to arc inward without stopping the lid from opening. So, the hinge arc must clear the face frame entirely, and, the arc of the downward aspect of the lid side needs to stop its pivot clear of the box or be the stop point for an appropriate open lid stasis which may require a stick.

Jig bore position shown is off the square’s geometric center and thus exemplifies (coincidentally) the pertaining methodologies for hinge location adjustments relative to arcs and clearances.
A compass comparison of screw pre drill proximity relative to both hinge bore and hardware specifications proved instructional for the unique hinge positioning I’ll need to consider for certain design options in an overlap lid laminated plywood box.

Contemplating this might make utile the shop marker board. All of this, of course, I intend to accomplish with stick kitchen cabinetry hinges if possible. I have a new table saw and the hinge jig.

A list of terms.

An inexpensive trigonometric calculator: Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator

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