First, links for us to call the phone numbers on and discuss the idea of two way radio.

This: last I called the FCC, it was perhaps $137/10yrs licensure fee to obtain exclusive yet open channel utilization of multiple HF (High Frequency) stations with up to three localized base stations (good at approximately 50-60 miles apart maximum yet still using frequencies common to the license), and, frequency licensure denotes unlimited mobile and handheld transceiver radios (for parishioners/people with stipulated (legal) permissions for transmitting; though anyone can listen). The HF frequencies can then further broadcast the correspondence of the permitted HF group of individuals that is in range of one of the three base stations… onto AM or FM radio frequencies that would be additional licenses for transmission rights on a frequency sending a signal to any AM/FM receiver in a car or home that were in range. 

Further, a Kenwood Nexedge system can reportedly link HF base station(s) and therefore their networks of unlimited handhelds and mobiles into the internet so that any similarly equipped Nexedge and base station system of field transceivers and the HF mobile or handhelds (anywhere on earth with phone or satellite service to a base) could converse (or listen only) with the original group of HF mobile and handheld users who are in range of one of the three base stations and using the licensed frequencies. Thus and therefore, international guests could converse with parishioners in a conversation then being broadcast on the parishonal AM/FM frequency. Multiple links to AM or FM broadcasting platforms would be possible. 

I hope to gain some permission to call FCC for licensure filing and Kenwood USA for purchase of several handhelds if funding for and participation in a test network of a few or more handhelds can be procured. (Approximately $100.ea) Then, perhaps a discussion regarding a decision about an inter parishonal or intra Bloomfield HF base station network and/or internet and globally capable Nexedge system. 

Note: I now think of Father Mathew’s missionary origins in Haiti and France via Nexedge. 

I also have a friend who owns a golf course with her husband. The PGA has Connecticut locations and global golf talk radio might be a reality. Recall that licensure is required to transmit. 

        Simon Flynn


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