Quit! Flee!

When I was a young man, it seems to me that people would introduce themselves with words like “hey, how are you?“, and “hi!”.

When I got to UMass as a Division I athlete, “swim coach” Ross Yarwor introduced himself by saying “it’s tough to talk with my cock in your mouth”; after I had nearly fled when he forced me to touch his genitals during our first day meeting. I felt obligated to continue D1 swimming for the people who believed it would lead to my success; so I returned to Ross after the molestation incident for the commencement of two years of being called “faggot shit cock sucker” by his collusive team because 1) I am an adherent of conservative definitions of holy matrimony, and, 2) I had been at Clemson University.

I find no justification for having wasted my university opportunities in his pool at an expense of perhaps a hundred thousand dollars. Though I suspect there is no US Navy SEAL today capable of my 55:05 5K freestyle capabilities in 1997, I would challenge even our US Navy to in any way legitimize what UMass trained me to be.

Pertaining to false ideas at UMass: it was just last week I called wetland wildlife ecologist Curtice Gryphon at Holdsworth Hall to let him know I had obtained my new personal domain www.leucocephalus.com and he feigned a mocking drawl and hung up quickly. I assert that I’ve learned to vacate places amidst the foolhardy gravitas and triviality at universities. Consider that environmentalist activists at UMass will exclude you and work for your expulsion in attempts to end your life, simply upon hearing “y’all”, “creek” instead of “stream”, “leaf litter layer” instead of “detritus”, “whitetail deer” or “wild boar” and other fighting words about forest dirt, etcetera.

Perhaps in a tragic correlation, I was never informed by the NCAA that I would receive absolutely no UMass class credit for all swimming, running and weigh training activities in Ross’s 4hr/day, 2sessions/day, 6 days/week “Cock and Balls” rapist feces and blood eating “shitty cock” lecture series and classical conditioning sensory deprivation nightmare.

For about 30 years I’ve been a disabled American with a brain injury/disease. Everyone says “get up”, and “get a job”. Some of my psychiatric team has reminded me that others are sometimes hit by trucks. I have heard that UMass keeps statics of annual student deaths from such things as drug overdoses, suicides, and falling out of dormitory windows. Is this in the name of science?

Sometimes somebody somewhere makes new friends who dose them with a forensically probable dozen hits of Alkaloidally tinctured Lysergic Diethylene. Then they are boot kicked in the head for a while until liberal psychiatric professionals take over the sublimation therapy and do what they can with psychotropic pharmacology to “help” the victim be very submissive to boorish sodomites because… “it’s who you really are”, and because denouncing sodomy is de facto illegal in the name of holy matrimony within the broadcast syndication zone of some entity which will not reveal itself.

This, is all really a precursor to my sentiments regarding being a quitter; and my belief that the USA would be a far better place if the NCAA were intentionally shattered by a knowledgeable national academic initiative. All D1 NCAA sport should be broken, perhaps by financial means similar to title nine’s empowerment of female athletes; and the resources applied to sport should be applied to all people of all ages… with the knowledge, precision, and exercise science currently directed to the betterment of few, yet instead which should be organized into a participatory recreational level societal wellness stipulated never to exceed D3 proficiency in any athlete.

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