Amongst federation sapiens are a probable majority of modality adherents; and, also, the outlier ones who are externalities to the populist thinking of the one thought flowing within and through the ethereal megahertz. Thus; likely is a shadow percentage of the sapient who are simply unable or unwilling to participate in the paradigmatic bulk of the federation’s stipulated thought definition mantra rituals.

Externalities often don’t chant the mantras, and yet on occasion they are it’s authors. However, the mind paradigm and the paradox stasis is controlled and promulgated by the correspondents who utter the “synoptic oration of everything” (SOE); for digitization into the ethereal web flux of the megahertz spectrum. Their singular correspondence of the centric ethereal archetype paradigm is lawfully required to occur between the colloquial “them” consortium of the bicameral federation hierarchy and the masses. The thence shepherded populace beneath the “them” consortium then dutifully believes in or at least obeys the paradigm promulgation …or denies it in adherence to the prescribed antithesis.

The corresponding entity structure and adherents of the correspondents then programmatically expel all those externality sapiens who will not chant the mantras of either federal zone. Excessive belief or disbelief in the debated governance and reality sequence finds no veritas in the paradigm maintenance stipulation. So it is that the shadows cognizant of federal zone behavior and the assertion of the domestic contention prescription fade from apparency.

Therefore, the extra modal percentage of outlier sapiens is typically within one of these two primary eastern seaboard federal basis paradigm zones of the contention. They occasionally transcend their zone into another. These shadow sapient, both good and evil, and beyond either the thesis or it’s antithesis, move beyond the multiple typified federalization limitrophe parameters and their postulated normalcy containment of the mantra adherency. It is at the point where an individual ceases zonal normalcy and refuses zone paradigms and also their paradigmatic antithesis; that the mind control agency operatives are activated.

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