Shop Table Extension

Bop and I are making a folding table that will be hinged into being level with the resurfacing we plan to do of our layout table with a single piece of 3/4” birch plywood for a top. We are trying to be precise about the permanent table’s two rip cut corner removal (like a square champher) that we’ll table sawyer into the side element that will be affixed to the permanent table for support and hinges.

All dimensions relative to resurfacing the table with 3/4” birch need consideration pertaining to the supportive folding aspect and the sawhorse basis of its ability to support a load. I will use the other sawhorse brackets for an easel that will support up to about a 5’x10’ oil painting on a canvass I will stretch onto a shop built canvas frame. This pair of sawhorse brackets, however, is being used as the integral steel of a modular structure that will bear the tool and materiel load when our folding table is set up. Contemporaneously to the supportive sawhorse; we need to configure the hinge anchor point for the planned dynamism of the layout table within the shop’s configuration.

The tabletop we are working on will hang plumb when the sawhorse is removed. My trigonometric calculator is cracked and broken until the new one arrives and so this is more of a direct transfer and scribe job than a mathematical equation.

I say precision because I’d like a golf ball to be immobile when the folding shop table extension components are in place. The shop table too. We shall see. I see no reason to avoid a focus on achieving precision throughout the fabrications occurring in the shop; even if our fractional significant figures don’t get to the 32nds we might hope for.

As a carpentry shop I am intending several achievements. They include my oil painting art in custom stretched canvass and framing. Additionally, however, I say that the potential for taxonomic research in the kingdoms of Animalia and Plantae are going to be fascinating aspects of STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC research.

I plan to buy a Samsung chrome book 4, 32gb laptop for $140 for this garage shop and pottery studio botanical station. I will then put all my carpentry, gardening botany, silviculture, and other research online in a participatory experiment. It will be fairly easy to link it into my STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC domains.

Anyway, the laptop fits in a pelican 1170 with some other stuff and I am looking forward to having the Samsung cantilevered via computer desk bracket over work on variously configured shop furnishings. Eventually, I’m thinking about a $99 TV cart, a 50” shop TV, and various optics including for microscopy. Then, perhaps some simple dissection of animalia and plantae. It’s not exactly that dissection of a bumblebee is a PhD level activity with the under $400 microscope that I dream of. I don’t know if I’ll ever taxidermy a chipmunk or a chickadee. It’s simply that I love science; whether it’s the trigonometry of carpentry, the taxonomy of plants and animals, or the precision control of elements requisite for plant nutrition. Add a computer to my kitchen cabinetry carpentry, wild specimen collection and dissection, or basil plant nutritional deficiency experimentation, and; my shop is a laboratory.

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