Enveloped in Place

I feel as though UMass told Yale I had “illegal thoughts”; on grounds that I had been to the South and therefore had wanted to go, and therefore that I would hurt the environment, etcetera.

So, I was arrested without a warrant, despite my innocence, and I was subsequently committed to be a ward of my father, Yale and CTDMHAS, as an outpatient under house arrest for over 25 years. My father has always been so ashamed of their condemnation of me and, simultaneously, of my mental capacity via the word schizophrenic that he has de facto been conscripted into officer status in cloistering me in their pharmacotherapy scenario. Such has been a perpetration of my confinement on their behalf; as they have for nearly three decades heavily sedated and sublimated me since the day that a USN GI OC had initially given me psychotropics.

Continuing, it is since and resultant of this life I have lived until now, that I understand what I would describe as Morrill 1862 Zones within our federation. My life experiences are causal of what I believe and know to be true. I am both terrified by and understanding of the reasoning and realities of there being perpetual limitrophes in flux akin to the Mason Dixon and frontier boundary ideations which have existed for centuries.

Borders such as Mason Dixon and the frontier are ever present and must have the according security and awareness of such as dialect and customs. Knowing regional paradigmatics seems to enable, yet multiple zone paradigm awareness documents the existence of an underworld of the federation where only some can travel safely between the zones. Others, adherents the thesis versus antithesis bellicosity of a particular zone (like the unionist confederates) act only in opposition to those of other zones. This, whilst the radio syndication of the zonal dialects and belief structures rules via the flux of the megahertz binary transmission mist blanketing everywhere but the hinterlands and certain MHz mist exclusion zones.

Books, and the Phi binary code that has transformed the bytes of six, eight, and ten into an existence transcendent of the bit, thus, disseminate truths other than the initial paradigm.

I ask of Yale psychiatry: who is mentally ill, the federalist or the confederalist? What effigy might fall in Hartford or New Haven if acts against Richmond had been federal and visages other than the leftist gemenwebenshaft of socialism were hunted by the toiling, troubling politic? Do you deny your Union confederal ideations are in opposition, even rebellion, against the USA’s Federation? Would you crucify a medical patient due to your misunderstandings?

I for one will remain hermetic. Limitrophe security via defense seems appropriate.

This is a blog post. I will reply to anyone.

I will leave this unedited with its sci-fi intact. Suffice to say that the Unionist isolation within (and away from) the federation Morrill Act stipulations are now rapidly becoming a new Unionist confederacy.

I know I now speak freely here (on certain frequencies) within the unionist confederation and that I might be arrested by the purveying leadership of the neo-unionist confederal faction here in my state of our federation.

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