USFS Questions

Chief Moore

This is a series of questions for USFS Chief Randy Moore:

1) Were USFS lands strategized to be for timber and also for coal extraction?

i.e. we’re they for fir harvest and also for overburden removal concerns in such a way as to reflect 1860’s Senator Morrill’s vantage of the federalization’s geospecicifity, premonitions of Monroe federalist USN expansion, that timeframes primarily rail transportation sector, future housing, and so fourth?

2) If so, do you believe that A SECOND ROTATION HARVEST subsequent to the 1980’s housing boom that followed the “1956 Superhighway and Saudi oil” repurposing of Guilded age coal was ever envisioned?

3) Please comment on the history of the frontier, or it’s South/West effects on the US forest products industry, and how the frontier precedent pertains to comparative utilization of loblolly versus fir lumber products today and in the future.

4) Given these historical and current factors relative to the status of the regionalized and multi jurisdictional forests of the USA; can you comment on lumber as a form of reparations?

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