A vagrant, nomad, vagabond: at a time… high in the Rockies, I drove a Saab 9000 I’d borrowed from my father up the rutted, muddy and washed out gravel mountain road trail to the Telurium and gold slag crystal ore lode mines at Alta lake… during a Colorado summer; so as to bathe in the still frigid lake ‘neath the capped peaks o’er me. This, whilst wandering through the AuTe extraction camps surrounding the ski resort. I recall the Rocky Mountain ghost mine’s abandoned structures and my despair in seeing the sundry scattered tunnel entrances to hellish and precipitous mine shafts where I might plummet downward further than I felt.

I had been to Vershire Vermont near their Mountain School and scrambled upwards through damp detritus and the regrown overburden herbivory in the Green Mountain heat of July and stood there earlier in the icy wind. Then, while trying to find the copper smelting house’s flume; I had thought of the timeline of that place and it’s abandonment, the succession of the proximal forest biome niche across the once industrialized surface scape, and secession, as it is often calle: a timeframe marker for the contemporaneous blue migration of might which may have left the place.

From depths these mountains breathed and spat at me the thermodynamic geological chill of their igneous cores, from the early copper chiseling and dynamite scars unstitched and open still there upon one, to a still evident bygone day of another; of timbers sheathed in corrugated tin where few sought Te amidst the Au lode. I had been warned not to enter the iceboxes in those mountain, for stumbling into their darkness I’d of fallen to my death when the level of the tunnels opened downward into a hell for me… perhaps broken yet alive, screaming, then meek, starving and alone; unheard.

The rest of the story can now only be known as science fiction to all beyond the bore; like a satellite and submarine grid permeating the universe. Because at Telluride, with “The Te” being the electromagnetic payload of science and discovery in our history of magnetic and electrical medicine, and amidst this merely market price world for golden crystal ore, few seek true wonder.

Shimmering, thence, and there then seen by the avian minds of the lofty migrating skeins and twittering songbirds; with their cognitive visions of the flux in and above the substrate ore seen therefore in their instant and perceived, as a shimmering eminence from the Te lode aspect of that golden crystal seam, with its own geospatial field, laying beneath those mountain tops and suggesting theories to the proofing postulations of the mine scientists.

Anomaly, it is said, still stirs in the Hippocratic airs, waters and places of the Mountains and the Mountain Schools… wilderness and anthological abodes, roads, and everywhere there is to go, are all permeated by the presiding field of the global resonance and the of the quaking, quivering geomagnetic flux.

Such is a fascination to the avian and now perhaps plasma MHz drones awakening now in this study ether of ours where we doth reap their vantage, so utile to us, as we too think and speak while soaring over those peaks, and places here and there.

Yet, though some with the biometric vision were yet punted by Cortez and then the scouts and reconnoiterers of the rush in ‘49. So, now we know the biologicals with Franciscan vantage are falling still too quickly whilst we too biologically were and are still created.

Fools in search of gold yet not of youth, vitality, vision, knowledge and health?

What of life and sight midst the gold?


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