Keep my p the tinternet to simultaneously transponders Pon all HF or all VHF? Not a scanner, a clear channel transponder. Even, could all those mountain topping frequencies oddly plover UHF be universally transponded to everyone with a cell phone on their property? And, similarly, does the navy have a clear channel ULF subsea transponder vessel or craft? Peter Jennings turned on a clear channel, all frequencies USA(?) broadcast on at somewhere between 10 and 11 am on 911, and I recall actually checking and hearing his voicemails on all of my Ram’s presets both AM and FM as I drove to work that terrible day. Later, with a TV in the office that Ryan had brought in, I remember similar yet different news anchors on the networks. AM/FM at least, was a Jennings simulcast on the morning of 911. I remember my location too; I was merging onto I-91 from 9 just south of Rocky Hill Connecticut. Further, relative to this “clear channel” idea; what is the encryption relative to the broadband either clear channel or bound to a frequency, a bandwidth, or a cell? I’m not sure what segregates bandwidths like HF, VHF, and UHF. I can explain why but not how ULF is entirely absent from available civilian bandwidths. You

When I was a boy, sitting in front of the radio in the picture, I have a memory of my grandfather telling me not to tell my q pop about an expensive radio he wanted to buy. he said it was the same as the one he had and yet it was digital and had a blue button that switched it to frequencies higher than UHF. While ULF will transmit through bedrock and the sea, the higher frequencies increasing Latina needed a direct line of sight to successfully transpond. So, the blue button frequencies were called mountain topping frequencies because they were even higher than the UHF that Grampa could catch off the stratosphere.

Years after that, I heard what I would now call a premise. The higher frequencies were “coming down” and that increasingly those mountain top frequencies had the transmission capabilities of of lower megahertz waves. Thus, I have increasingly seen cellular service failure becoming less common, and I attribute it to improvements in the radio wave quality or it’s precision. Maybe like a broadcast tower squelch. This theory that it isn’t our cellular radio telephones, but instead somehow the broadcast signal within the network, was then brought into question for me while continuing my research of Natural Resources maybe a decade after obtaining that Bachelor of Science from UMass Amherst. I since believe that the most important elements extracted globally for use in our devices are Cu for Circuitry, and Li for batteries which is increasingly supplemented by Cd. Ni and Cd* are typically used as alloys to Fe, and the metallurgy and mining scenario for the comparative utility of Cd is dependent upon the exploitation realities of Li, which is commonly utile for batteries and as a mood stabilizer.

So, metals play an important role in voice transmission. Notably, my grandfather also hit nails through tin cans and tied them together with string. A knot inside each can kept the two cans connected by a taut string about ten feet long. Vibrations transmit on a taut string and not on a loose string or a string touching the corner of a doorframe. Electric microphones are essentially two foil strips vibrating against an electrified wire. This is all similar to a gramophone, where those vibrations are induced by a pattern of bumps on hardened material somewhat like wax or glass. Further back, ticker tape printers were a morse code output printer across an electrified line. Tapping two morse key diodes together sent electricity through the line to the ticker tape machine (later adapted to be ink printer needles that are today CNC) yet, in some Western Ranger* Station (SPONTE.Army), what put the electric current into the morse key coder when there were no power plants or generators available? Might a villainous blasting machine have served the purpose. Thinking locomotives, mines and dynamite it seems possible; yet, sometimes it seems field power generation is a farce and that compact blasting machines for electrified communications were infrequently deployed after Vietnam.

In summary, Bell must have used about a rod of copper wire fed through a wall to say “Mary had a little lamb” through a wall to his colleagues. Increasingly, copper wire was strung to trees and then to poles in cities and eventually across America. Morse wires became increasingly commonplace and that proliferation was in many ways facilitated by the US South’s Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) and men with tree and pole gaffs on the creosoted poles.

Grid technologies subsequently evolved and took to the air as the broadcast megahertz frequencies explained earlier. Metallurgy has played a major role and radio technologies have evolved from crude singular beams through the air into into our modernity of increasingly complicated cellular encryption scenarios. With old radios gone, more people can talk and transmit data billions of times faster than early morse key (•/-|1/0 evolutions)

Perhaps a digression here in an attempt to conclude: the Li, Cu, Ni, Cd, Fe electromagnetic properties pertaining to devices did not omit a research initiative in the 1850’s just prior to the 1862 Pacific Line’s culmination with the golden spike. In fact, rudimentary prospecting of AuTe was done by Au seeking conquistadors as early as the 1600’s. Yet, around 1800 the unnelectrified metallurgy of AuTe and its effects on ornithological migratory sensation (like 700v high tension power lines today), had been observed by conquistadors and subsequently reported to the Spanish Monarchy.

American prospectors reached the scene in the days just before the 1849 rush during the hydrological mining regulatory litigation timeframe. Soon after that, the Union era first and third campaigns, more so than the second Union campaign against the Sioux, led to complexities. Competing Jackson era natives, Spanish missionaries, Union and Confederacy troops struggled to control the strange magnetic ore (Te). Usually, Au was praised as capable of making infinite wealth possible with just a pickaxe, shovel and a Colt. Yet, as slag heaps of the purportedly undesirable Te grew whilst the Au bought whiskey to be proven… it was quietly moved to Bell laboratories. On several occasions the value of the Te slag was said to be far greater than Au. Villains, on several occasions, stole both AuTe and the partially refined, highly desirable Te. Some of the villains, yet certainly not all of them, escaped. Lore of “Telluride Te” persists even to this day.

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