Death is now near.

Electric car charging load bearing capacity is inorganic geological metallurgical chemistry: Cu and Li/Cd. (Botanical Pinus taeda.) I have read that global liquid phase organic fossil energy terminal depletion looms at 30 years with saud nearing terminal depletion now and north Arabia therein here being relative to time since Pub.L 84-627’s enactment now comparatively is to be defined as total remaining Arabic crude in said total thus now over half gone since 1956 with exponential consumption increase function since therefore grave upon projected recovery. Contemporaneous massive infrastructure and fleet expansions, with confederal NY/CA private corporate legal concoction of infinite bitcoin definitively unresponsive to federation entirety of commodities legalities as cash is, whilst bitcoin farce is thus capacitating infinite monetary theory in popular paradigm despite FINITE NATURE OF OUR PLANET, and therefore said impending terminal depletion is threatening all civilization gravely in correlation with transportation sector biotic entropy island biogeography capacitated propagule migration and terraforming carbon displacement land air and sea carbonic acidification. Also. Russia has fallen. No opioids no invasive procedures. No Ukraine no grain. China India foodstuffs USA WHEAT, soy respectively. Famine and pestilence death to exceed gulag and Great Leap Forward death toll ‘50’s of 100,000,000 Sino Soviet souls lost to Marxist, Stalinist, Leninist, Bolshevik, Trotskyist Godless continuum.
God Bless, Governor Lamont.

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