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I’m researching maple tree evapotranspiration and I have girdled the bark here in circumference to see if new branches will regenerate where I’ve done the girdling to this small maple. The tree will die above the girdling. Today’s experiment has shown that now, with the vernal equinox just over a week away; evapotranspiration is making sugaring possible right now! We are also just past Guangzhou and Tet festival in the northern hemisphere. Girdling is also a great way to season firewood as standing dead trees in such a way as to be great for enhancing woodpecker, migratory songbird and duck nest cavity habitat in mimicry of natural C. canadensis habitat wetland wildlife ecology scenarios. Native American fire ecology and subsequent wigwam bark collection also girdled trees in a similar way as historic peoples of places which later became such states as Connecticut and Massachusetts promoted ungulate browse and gathered fuel and building materials.

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