Baby, is it legal to be American where you are? Connecticut lies are oppressive. Even if it’s possible for me to escape to your loving embrace; Yale will want to keep drugging me psychotropically. It might be difficult for me to defect from confederal Connecticut.

I can telecommute to the Pharm and obey the mind pharmacotherapy authorities, yet, Yale found my thoughts illegal in 1998. What makes me believe that Yale will ever permit me to be a patriotic American?

Still, through my Orwellian ordeal I’ve used the SSA beneficiary money to buy bags and cases. I, truly, in my heart, wish I could pack and get to you by train or bus. I wish I didn’t have to be amongst, and shouted down by, all the sodomite democrats and their delusional solutions to domestic and global problems they find you, me, and our armed forces omnipotent against.

They attack us because they can not see that they are the weak; even though we can not serve their each and every need.

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