Sodomites are unholy.

I believe I am still free and that it remains legal for me to simply not want to sodomize, nor be incessantly compelled to sodomize, my future wife’s rectum, or, to subsequently compel her to imbibe her own hematological and fecal slurry; as New York City forcibly now for decades has commanded all Americans to abide by and to do to our spouses and to each other.


I want sexuality to be for conception of a blessed soul, made in her womb to be incarnate as a sapient babe, in the womb of a male sapient’s loving female sapient; a woman… who prefers being my wife to the obtainment of NYC monies.

And, further, I would like to note the absence of a rectal clitoris.

I want to be a male sapien and to please a female sapien in the context of an evolutionary biological Christendom whereby church and community uplifts souls conceived; unto heaven.

I believe that as an American I have every right to believe in and sanctify holy matrimony between myself and, I pray, my future wife.

I believe, as an American, that I have a God given right to be heterosexual. And, I further believe that children can only be produced via the love making of a man and a woman.

It is and shall remain legal to be heterosexual in the United States of America.

I believe that the globally public execution of “Howard Stern”, for his macroscopic invoking of the Markist gemenwebenshaft sex insult archetype, is duly warranted; until he be dead, dead, dead. And that if it be on the third day that he rises from the dead and lives again… then we’ll all fuck each other in the ass!

I will kill “Howard Stern” myself… according to due process and in accordance with all USA laws.

God Bless our USA.

Let us Pray that we not be further overrun by a sodomite army attacking our souls such that all, in both the public and private sector, be completely open to all in every way… as was the objective of Marx.

Let me execute “Howard Stern” before the entire world! I will lead!

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