I am essentially HamptonRoads.Army

Upon the impact of my first annulment and my kidnapping deployment; I was immediately maimed and psychotropically tortured in South Carolina and then, after being transferred to UMass Amherst under direct orders inclusive of my second annulment; I was victimized as other once again and similarly tortured and sexually abused, molested, and misled by false pretense of federal appointment to the National Park Service by men who sought to entrap me and force my homosexuality.

I had, due to the 100% not for college credit reality of all NCAA sports participation, nearly immediately decided that professional swimming was illogical after age 18. When Clemson Swim Coach Bruce Marchonda refused my steadfast demand for a 100% books scholarship as justification for the total lack of university reward; I did not swim the following year and was transferred.

Coach Russ Yarworth at UMass seemed strangely friendly and my father insisted I swim for him. On day one in Boyden Natatorium Yarworth approached me with a smile as we first met formally, and then forced me to touch his genitals with his handshake. Knowing I was under paternal orders and with no ideation of enlistment or CDL operator possibility, I jumped into the pool, whereupon Russ met me at the lanes end and interrupted my first statement with his guttural words “It’s tough to talk with my cock in your mouth”.

I swam for Russ under my paternal orders for two years, set the Natatorium pool record 1000yds free at 9:32, swam an in practice 55:05 5k, and departed believing both that I had done enough to satisfy my father, and that there was no US Navy need for the extent of my skill and ability the NCAA 100% not for credit “Swim Team”.

I had not satisfied my father. My move towards Army thinking regarding Natural Resource allocation and distribution was misunderstood. All funding for university and living was withdrawn. I tried to get to Alaska. I met a woman named Sarah and a high school classmate named Charles Daniels in Seattle Washington. I still believed in the benevolence of and requisite dutiful respect of my parents as they continued with force and deprivation.

In 1998, three police officers suddenly entered my bedroom and in hearing my reasoning, two departed the scene. The third officer continued to proclaim “you’re coming with us” (to which I later commented “then you should have sent the military”)

Then, the third officer slapped his evident penis as though a WWF wrestler and kept onto me, tore off my shirt and dragged me out of the house in chains.

At admittance, the admitting physician Dr. Alexandre Care (Later he changed his surname to Caree) was understandably shaken by the bizarre nature of what had happened and yet when he called me a racist and I replied “Fuck you!” He responded with gesticulation and the scream of his retort “Schizophrenia!”.

Thence the diagnostic procedures and paperwork began. I will need to explain to the now 26 years of sedation, sublimation, forced solitude, loneliness, and the entire omission of love, family, success and living from my entire life in every way; in a later essay.

I have only ever wanted the love of a beautiful woman who might agree to be wed to me in holy matrimony.

I am heterosexual.

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