How does Connecticut law define Marauding serial psychotropic drug felons? Or, things like post mortem Seppuku Samurai death training? IDK much about “the law”, but I would much prefer muggers be bent on a forehead, chest or knee cap; if I ever get to choose.

It’s not that I dislike Japan. I’ve actually heard that I am huge there! And, after all, the truth of the shogunate is that real old school players like Dihatsu, Komatsu, Makita and Souzuki would never notice my offensiveness. So, I don’t worry about the psychotropic induction of seppuku behaviors like I used to.

I effectively therefore believe in open carry and extensive coffee house dating prior to anything messy like sharing a desert fork, or scenarios where lips touch lips. Mostly, ya’know, and yet even I would say most of that is just legend about my prowess from back in the day. Don’t bring me an apple. I take the industrial and clinical trial typified psychotropics now.

And, as far as allusions to cunniligus go; it’s been multiple decades and when that felon melted the right front of my brain I wasn’t just wandering around campus being mocked for searching for my pillow. I have had the resultant flat affect for decades now and even tardative diskinesia is creeping into my tongue.

Most of the legends are at least mostly true. I measured it in 1988 or maybe early in 1989. As I recall there was a ruler positioning variability and subsequent interpretative margin of error where although the time frame of the quantification may have produced a data set; I say that each measurement was dubious, even if several could have been said to produce the desired “sum” and then that the resultant average would then with increased significance thence demonstrably be upon the target figure. I therefore personally also attest to there being no further empirical measurements of it; by use of any scientific instrumentation… by any known clinician!

Fast forward 29 years to post mortem and I need to mention a sublimation resultant in a a three month accumulation requisite of paper towels.

Within the resultant fluids appeared both an apparently vital fresh white and a dingy brown aspect; as though dead.

Subsequently, I have believed in an evolutionary heterosexual rhythm of synchronous ejaculation and ovulation relative to the womb as the point of holy conception …with a certain margin of error prior to and in greater frequency during ovulation, yet not continuing after the periodic menstrual bleeding begins, the unfertilized ovum is purged, and the unfortunate hormonal psychiatric feeling of failure ensues in the sapien female.

(Note here female sapien symptomatic classical conditioning phenomenon relative to decades of said periodic menstruation conditioning via hormonal flux)

The rule of synchronicity applies also to a requisite infrequency of fellatio amidst unlimited cunniligus and use of sex toys for the valid male sapien pleasure from increased muscular contraction requisite in displacing additional volume.

Whereas, cunniligus can for the female logically hit the biochemical stimuli peaks with great frequency during ovulation or perhaps with less express need when performed slightly before the mammalian heat; as appropriate.

I am in a way embarrassed to say that prior to my three months abstinence from ejaculation which culminated in my learning to differentiate between tissue and paper towel; I had never achieved the fluid dynamic volume or intensity of contractions in excess of perhaps a half dozen throbbing releases across a timespan of perhaps a minute. The singular (@3mo) gushing paper towel incident was certainly a lesson to me.

I am not ginormous, yet I tend to believe that any man, with any testicular fluid capacity, who when not deluded into believing in daily ejaculation, might, by practice and discipline, learn pleasure beyond their accustomed urological musculature contraction fluid dynamics. It is undeniable that I learned this logically, while affixed to my breathing machine, during my 25 years of sedation and sublimation for no compensation.

And, here with my methods I here begin to conclude with personal sentiments. For all of these decades within Yale medicine, I believe in and continue to aspire to straight heterosexual intercourse with supplemental cunnilingus at her discretion, use of sexual toys due to my post mortem collegiate swim team persecution as inadequate, and in accordance with my promulgation that female orgasm biologically need be far more frequent than the orgasms of the man thence in synchronicity with her ovulation, and also in very infrequent fellatio thence by cooperative method so as to achieve full fluids ejaculation.

Aforementioned psychiatric facial “flat affect” is about facial paralysis and clinical manic depression for me, and an onset of tardative diskinesia adds to my worry that neither my face and tongue nor my genitals will adequately perform in a first encounter scenario.

In that torture at universities led me to tend to feel inadequate as my mind broke and I withdrew into catatonia, I thought about and subsequently purchased an 8” vibrating dildo which despite it’s intended eroticism has never been used. I keep it nearby my bed as I approach my third decade of clinical medicated celibacy under Yale. I find difficulty in the immediacy of modernity and in populist ideations regarding gratification. I am admittedly an abnormal psychiatric case, and yet; I pray I needn’t wait for heaven to find other than parental love such that has crucified me on this our USA’s eastern seaboard.

I disbelieve in rectal sodomy and I believe no one should eat feces. And, the only body fluids I believe should ever be involved in sex are sweat, saliva, semen, and vaginal fluid.

I believe it is my right to be heterosexual, straight, a scientist, to have faith, never to eat feces or to compel another to eat feces, and to believe that holy matrimony is a two to four thousand year social construct within the context of evolutionary biological reality.

I am seeking a wife and remain hopeful that at 47; I still might beget a child if only I find a woman to whom I may be wed.

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