In the Bible, God creates the waters and the firmament, a star to rule the day, a star to rule the night, and so on.

Later, God bestows upon people the responsibility of holding “Dominion”, over all the creatures of the sea, earth and sky.

I believe “environmentalists” are very strange people because they believe themselves to be omnipotent sole proprietors of this “dominion”.

Just to begin with the constructs of mortal minds; domain and dominion are essentially legal terms which at the highest levels of geopolitics denote competing public and private sector control; essentially in the context of civil libertarian or communitarian ideologues.

I do not want to get into Cold War Era Public/Private domain Totalitarianism.

Suffice to say that most people; especially partisan and opinionated people, tend to have subconscious archetypal angst pertaining essentially to some kind of self power or power of all people that they somehow wield over a place or all places.

Environmentalists, however, are the strangest of the dominion of God types. Environmentalists believe things like that they own all air and all water, and that they possess a licensure to enforce their totalitarian power to control things like playing with matches and creating atmospheric carbon.

Self aggrandizing ideations of personal jurisdiction over all properties, substrate, waters, and airs is unique to the mind of the environmentalist.

The environmentalist sees no center to any debate and seeks only to further divide all process and procedure into inaction superseded only by their personal megalomania and deluded perception of their own power to trespass without badge or any licensure so as to personally assume and promulgate their own persona de facto ownership of all places in the waters and upon the land, and, their personal ownership and jurisdictional control over all life on earth.

Further, the environmentalist won’t deal with HazMat or effluence. The environmentalist will enslave anyone else to the laser technology beverage machine before working in the beer and soda slurry themself. The environmentalist is better than you. The environmentalist might like the opening paragraph of Mein Compf. Yet, the environmentalist proclaims themselves to be as the Marxist height party. One low laboring party beneath Trotskyist elite, and forever scuttling anyone who stands as a proprietor antagonistic to the eco-jurisprudence.

Dostoyevsky: “there will be tens of millions of innocent babies, and we alone, the ten thousand, will know the difference between good and evil.”

Dr Muth: “what are you gonna do; drive a truck?”

Dr Griffin: “Then you go take out the garbage while I sit up here and study the environment.”

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